Vajrapani 6-Night Silent Retreat

February 16-22, 2020
Hosted by Open Gate Sangha
Boulder Creek, CA

Program Fee
$600 Register after November 1, 2019
(Payable to Open Gate Sangha)

Housing Fees: $505-$1075 (All room options have shared baths)
(Payable to Open Gate Sangha)

Please Note: Dormitory housing only availalbe at this time. All other options are wait list only.

Housing payments are required no later than January 15 and within 48 hours if you register after that date.


MuktiThis is an opportunity to discover and know exactly who we are ever more deeply. The deeper knowledge of being, our nature as spirit, or spirit incarnate in human expression, can be hidden or less conscious. So this is an opportunity to bring that into consciousness, a consciousness that registers not only in our mind, but in our body, heart, and whole being.

Think of this as an opportunity to really nurture the fullness of all that you are and bring that forward, especially with respect to the quality of being that cannot be contained in ideas or notions. The essence of being that I point to and support is something that can’t be contained in such notions, and yet has been present throughout the entirety of our lives.

There is a kind of open listening, open sensing, an innocent vantage point that’s not layered over by the conditioned learnings that we have. So one of the opportunities is just to let that sense of pure being shine and come forward more, in whatever ways it appears.


Vajrapani 6-Night Silent Retreat

February 16-22, 2020

Check in: 3:00-5:00 pm Sunday
Check out: Noon Saturday

Program Fee(payable to Open Gate Sangha)
$600 Per Person Register after November 1, 2019

Vajrapani Institute

PO Box 2130

Boulder Creek, CA 95006

For further information about Vajrapani:

See Videovajrapani video

Please Note: Due to the rainy season, there is no tent camping at this site. For van camping please contact our office for details.

All room options have shared bath.

Fees are per person and include vegeatarian meals. There are no "commuter" options for this retreat. The cost and availability of your housing preference is not guaranteed. For the best choice of housing options, please make your reservation early.

Please do not contact Vajrapani directly regarding your housing. All housing inquiries should be sent to Registration

Vajrapani Institute

PO Box 2130

Boulder Creek, CA 95006

Transportation to Vajrapani Institute Map

Air Transportation

The local airport nearest Vajrapani is the San Jose International Airport (SJC) which is one hour away. Visit for more information.

The San Francisco Airport (SFO) is also an option, although it is farther away (2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic).

When making flight arrangements for retreat, keep in mind that you must arrive on time (during registration on the first day) and stay through the end of retreat. In order to accomplish this, we recommend flying in no later than 1:30 pm on the first day of retreat and departing no earlier than 4:00 pm on the last day. If necessary, consider arriving a day early and/or leaving the day after retreat ends.

Directions and Transportation

Most of your driving and transportation questions will be answered at Vajrapani’s Our Location page, along with a list of potential shuttle services. 

Staying Extra Nights

If you need to stay extra nights at the center before or after the retreat, please call Vajrapani directly for availability: 800-531-4001.


Vajrapani 6-Night Silent Retreat

February 16-22, 2020

Program Fee - Open Gate Sangha

Program fees are not transferable to other people or to other programs.
Cancel on or before January 16, 2020: $50.00 cancellation fee
Cancel on or after January 17, 2020: No Refund

Housing Fee - Open Gate Sangha

Cancel on or before January 16: $50 fee
Cancel on or after January 17: No refund

To cancel your event, please log in and click on Account. To cancel your housing, please contact: Registration