2019 Current Meetings
  • Santa Cruz, CA
    Pacific Cultural Center Tuesday, 7:00~9:00 pm
    November 12, 2019
  • When you look without grasping, the whole universe is looking out of your eyes. It’s an opportunity to see what it is to move without a sense of a central me. ~ Mukti
    Sense your nature as Spirit that is always and ever allowing. ~ Mukti
    To be aware with the heart is to look at a flower not just with awareness but with feeling. ~ Mukti
    If you give your mind all of your attention, then you give yourself away to the mind. ~ Mukti
    A meditative mind is at ease because it's not trying to acquire anything. ~ Mukti
    The root condition of suffering is ignorance of our true nature, ignorance of knowing ourselves as spirit. Attachment and aversion cause day-to-day suffering. ~ Mukti
    This is an open invitation for a simple resting, a return to the ground of being you have always known. ~ Mukti
    When one no longer invests in movements of the mind, the searchlights of your attention withdraw back to the source. Abiding as source is true stopping. ~ Mukti
    Beautiful things happen when we're willing not to know. ~ Mukti
    Rest in this awareness that does not divide, does not name, and which itself will forever remain nameless. ~ Mukti
    Spontaneity is a hallmark of our eternal nature. ~ Mukti
    True satisfaction lies in just being with what is here. ~ Mukti
    Can you recall when you were a child experiencing the world arising, moment-to-moment, without thought dividing its content? ~ Mukti
    There’s a way that things naturally want to find their way back into balance and thriving. ~ Mukti
    What is it to bare witness to this moment, and whatever content arises in this moment, without refereeing all of it. ~ Mukti
    Offering the energy of our attention can brighten our direct knowingness of the source of being. ~ Mukti
    Once a question is really clarified, it’s already at work. ~ Mukti
    We each have our entry points to realization that we need. None are lesser. ~ Mukti
    Prayer is a time to open ourselves to being a channel for spontaneous expression that is often experienced as a kind of blessing. ~ Mukti
    When we become empty of desire, we can then be filled up with a greater sense of our divinity, which can take residence in form and can express in this world as benediction. Our being becomes a servant or vessel of divine qualities. ~ Mukti
    When we are more settled and less identified with the content of experience, life can feel more seamless. What’s inside and outside is not really noted; it’s all part of the song of the moment. ~ Mukti