Mukti’s name originates in Sanskrit and is most often translated as “liberation,” a term used in Vedanta and Buddhism much the way the term “salvation” is used in Christianity. Mukti has been the Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha since 2004 and has been a student of her husband, Adyashanti, since he began teaching in 1996, when they founded Open Gate Sangha together.

    Previously, Mukti was raised and schooled in the Catholic tradition and also studied the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda for over 20 years—two paths that have greatly informed her journeys into meditation, introspection, and prayer

    She holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a license in acupuncture, and a Hatha Yoga teaching certification. These backgrounds in body awareness and the healing arts, as well as her years of study with Adyashanti, largely inform her presentation style, her recommended inquiry methods, and her interest in the energetic unfolding of realization and embodiment.

    In Mukti’s pointing to wholeness, or the undivided state, she brings flavors of healing, nurturing, quietude, and refreshing down-to-earth humanity. Events and meetings with Mukti are of the most intimate of Open Gate Sangha’s, and attract dedicated participants interested in sensing and supporting their unique spiritual journeys and expression.




    Our human journey of coming to know Spirit is made complete in the journey of Spirit coming to know and express itself in our human life and in our shared world. I welcome you to the teachings here, which are meant to facilitate these journeys and to further the union of human and Spirit natures, through processes of conscious realization and harmonization.

    This union requires a willingness to see and question notions of one’s self, others, and the world, in order to revise or liberate the ideas and energies that instill a sense of adverse separation and division. Equally required is a willingness to sense what is present that is already eternally well, such that the essence of who we are that is expressive of Spirit might be made known and ever more manifest in our life.

    ~ Mukti



    Featured Program

    Boston Silent Retreat Day
    March 31, 2019
    Hosted by Open Gate Sangha
    Boston, MA
    What is the most essential you that is present regardless of thought or emotion?  Who or what has been present for all of your life experience?  How does this spirit of constancy touch your life?  Mukti will speak on these compelling topics and explore them with the audience through questions and answers pointing directly to the true nature of self. This silent retreat day will offer a potent blend of stillness and dynamic inquiry...MORE
Give greatly, simply:
your unbroken seeing,
your breathless attention
a gathering and release of your mind,
a sacrifice of your time to now,
and an offering of space to stillness.